Helpful Advice for Creating an Affiliate Marketing Business

You have a website but you now are struggling to take it to the next level. You have read about affiliate marketing but you are not sure if it is right for your business. The good news is, you are not alone. Basically, an affiliate marketing company is about partnering up with an“affiliate” who in turn, promotes your products on their site, and take a commission off the completed sale. There are many different options when shopping for an affiliate network and it is important that you know what to look for before you lay down your credit card.

Affiliate networks require some sort of financial commitment up front. Do not join a network that makes outlandish promises. These companies usually require a huge payment upfront up to $10,000 just to get you into their network. Some talk about how much money you will make and that it will be easy to make back your initial investment. Do not fall into this trap. Because there is no guarantee in affiliate marketing, it is best to start small at a lower investment before selling the farm.

Make sure you check into the company before committing to anything and of course perform extensive research. You want to look for low commission rates, organized affiliate marketing programs, and access to the affiliates by phone or email. You will want to choose a network that also provides these services if your company has a limited tech or creative department. At times the services will be included in the package and other times you will have to make an additional investment.

The single most important thing about being successful with affiliate marketing is the landing page. A landing page is the 1st lead or sales generation page that users “land on”, then click on your ad or link on your affiliates website. Your landing page can easily improve the conversion rate, even if you don’t have the greatest looking website. Most affiliate marketing businesses will work with you to optimize your landing pages. You will want to build several landing pages ideally, and perform some testing and research to see which landing page works the best. A great way to stir up some ideas is to search online for high converting landing pages. There are tons of sites that talk about what is working and not working on a landing page with examples from a variety of different companies.

If done properly, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative aspect of your business. Just be mindful that not all affiliate networks and businesses are created equal.

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